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The Review
It has existed since 1924, the year when the Museum opened. Its publication was stopped in 1944 but was back in 1964 thanks to the SAMB under the influence of Jean Haritschelhar. More than 1500 articles have been published up to now.
In spite of all the changes the cultural world of the Bask Country has faced and despite the tremendous increase of the number and quality of publications, the review remains a major element as research and cultural spreading are concerned. It has been and still is considered as a way of reference in many fields as it is shown in the bibliographies of the research works about the area.
Read the History of of the Basque Museum review by Michel Duvert.
The editorial Committee receives, reads, chooses the articles then writes each issue looking for the best balance. The most prestigious collaborations enable it to publish a quality bulletin everyone can read. These last years, publishing texts from young searchers has been one of the Committee's editing priorities.
The review is published twice a year and sent to members. It is also on sale at the Museum shop and in some bookshops of the area.

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Special issues
Along with the usual reviews, some special issues dealing with a special theme have been brought out.
1989: A tribute to the Basque Museum
2001: Basque carpenters and 'vasconnes' houses
2003: Stone and Country
2006: Lands and lives

Data base
n index of all the articles published in the review from 1924 to 1997 is the subject of the special issue published in 1999: an index in alphabetical order of the writers and one of the articles classified according to writers can be found.

A base of the titles of the articles from 1924 to 2009 with the writers' names can be consulted on line. The search can be done thanks to the search function of your software package navigator: Edition, Search and key word capture.

The full collection of the reviews can be consulted at the documentary center of the museum as well as the Bayonne Library. The most recent ones can be found in various libraries or record centers (Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Spain, France, Japan, Portugal, Sardinia, Switzerland, The States...).

Advice to the writers
The review of the Basque Museum publishes special works dealing especially with Basque and Pyrenean subjects.
Items found in the review: Studies, Museum, Reviews, Ikusgaia, 'SAMB'
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Other publications
The association (SAMB) is not a publishing house but it has been led to publish or spread some works:
- The poet from Soule called Pierre Topet- Etchahun (1786-1862)- a contribution to the study of popular Bask poetry at the 19th century by Jean Haritscelhar, 1969 (out of print)
- The poetical work by Pierre Topet-Etchahun - (texts, translations, variations, notes) by Jean Haritschelhar, 1970 (available)
- The landlords of Saint-Pée (a compilation of studies and documents by Henri Dop (available)
- The exhibition catalogue of the Bask Museum: " Bask Currency issued in Bilbao in 36-37, 1995 (available)
- The exhibition catalogue of the Bask Museum: " Julio Beobide 1891-1969, 1993 (available)
- Hil Harriak - proceedings of the international conference about the discoidal stele, team work, 1984 (out of print)
- Euskal Herria (1789-1850) proceedings of the international conference about Bask studies, team work, 1978 (available).


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